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Recently one of my students ask me “Is it better to stay longer in a pose or repeat the pose with a shorter timing?”The word “Hatha” as in Hatha Yoga literally means, “to strike “ as in striking a match. Think playing with fire! “Ha” for Sun, “Tha” for Moon, also sometimes translated as… (read more)

Join us Saturday June 30th at Austin Soul Yoga from 9 to 11Am for an intermediate class or from 11:30Am to 1:00Pm for a beginner class.

Join us Sunday July 1st in San Antonio from 12:30pm to3:30pm for a workshop Titled:


Purna translate as full, abundant and complete. Purna is one of our main five attributes. In July, Guru Purnima celebrates this state of completion as embodied in the form of the Guru. Purna is the state we long to experience. Each asana give us the opportunity to move toward the culmination …(read more)

Blessings and peace

Charly Pivert & Paige Dunlap



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