“Charly’s Anusara Immersion is a unique way to connect with rich yoga traditions in a group setting.  I not only learned more about my asana practice, but I also experienced deep connection that encouraged cultivation of my spiritual practice.  I am excited to participate in the next level of Anusara training to become certified to teach my own yoga classes.  Thanks Charly!” Jennifer Y.

“Charly’s teaching really exemplifies the heart opening quality of Anusara yoga.  Through discussion and asana practice, he expanded our connection with our selves and the world around us.  He coached our group with care and with his encouragement my practice grew to an entirely new level.  I am so glad that I participated in this yoga immersion.” Emily E.

“Without doubt, this past spring’s Anusara yoga immersion with Charly Pivert at Castle Hill was the most informative and transformative training I have had the privilege to experience in the more than fifteen years I have been studying and teaching yoga. The immersion was a masterfully crafted blend of philosophy, history and physiology study with meditation, pranayama and asana practices. Charly has a thorough knowledge of the history and philosophical principles that underpin the different schools of yoga and it’s recent descendent, Anusara yoga. His deep understanding of anatomy and physiology informs his approach to teaching asana. He has a wonderful teaching style that invites discussion and takes students to depths in their asana practice they had never before experienced or thought possible, all within a safe and supportive environment. I can recommend Charly Pivert’s Anusara immersion and teacher training programs with the utmost enthusiasm. They were truly a special life changing experience.” Jay W.