Sat & Shri ,Truth & Beauty

Dear Friend

Join us Saturday November 5th at Austin Soul Yoga from 9 to 11Am for an intermediate class or from 11:30Am to 1:00Pm for a beginner class.

Join us Sunday November 6th in San Antonio from 12:30pm to 3:30pm for a workshop titled:

Sat & Shri ,Truth & beauty

There is beauty in truth, there is truth in beauty. “A tree, one trunk, many branches, thousands of leaves, a tree”. Harvesting the truth in the unfolding beauty. Shri, beauty enhances the pulsation of the…(read more)

Join me Sunday November 6th in San Antonio from 4 to 6 pm for an Anusara Yoga  Class Level 2-3

Join us for an intermediate/advanced Anusara Yoga class. This class is for experienced students with a dedicated practice who want to take their practice to the next level…(read more)

Join us Sunday November 13th in Wimberley at Heart of Texas Yoga for a workshop titled:

Garden of Yoga

The foundation is the soil that links us to our fundamental Nature (Prakrti). Rooted in truth (Satya Pratisthana) we experience delight (Ananda) in the unfolding…(read more)

Join us Saturday November 19th in Georgetown from 2.30pm to 5.30pm for a workshop titled:

Seva Moving from the Heart

Hatha Yoga is a practice of Seva directed toward oneself. Moving from the heart we step in the current of our own Grace. As we build the capacity to be…(read more)

Join Paige for a fall cooking class Saturday November 5th & Saturday November 26th from 2 to 5pm

Hello Everyone,
I am pleased to offer this class in an Ayurvedic preparation of cabbage. It’s perfect for the Fall and will inspire your tastebuds to crave cabbage. Did you know that the cabbage family selectively destroys cancer cells? Good to have on your plate every day if possible. This combination of mustard and coconut and ….(read more)

Blessings and peace

Charly Pivert & Paige Dunlap


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