Dear Friend

Happy Spring!

Join us Saturday May 12th at Austin Soul Yoga from 9 to 11Am for an intermediate class or from 11:30Am to 1:00Pm for a beginner class.

Join us Sunday May 6th in San Antonio from 12:30pm to 3:30pm for a workshop titled:


Dharma: a world of principle with clear boundaries. Maya: a world of possibilities with infinite growth. In the tapestry of Yoga, Tantra weaves Dharma and Maya into the fabric of the Universe. Tantra offers… (read more)

Join us Sunday May 6th in San Antonio from 4:00pm to 5:30pm for a workshop titled:

Asana, Relaxation & Meditation

Come and join us for this special Spring event. This class will offer a blend of Asana (Hip opener), Relaxation postures and Meditation. All levels are welcome and …(read more)

Join Paige Dunlap for a Spring Cooking Class at Austin Soul Kitchen on June 9th from 2 to 5pm…(read more)

Blessings and peace

Charly Pivert & Paige Dunlap



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