Kula, the community of the heart


Dear Friend

Join me Saturday February 6th at Austin Soul Yoga from 9 to 11Am for an intermediate class or from 11:30Am to 1:00Pm for a beginner class.

Join me Sunday February 7th at TwoHearts.net  in San Antonio from 2:00 to 5:00pm for a workshop titled: Kula , the community of the Heart.

The pillars of the community of the heart are the breath, the mind and the body. The breath is the messenger of Awareness. Wherever the breath go so does Consciousness (Cit). The breath in the form of Prana Shakti (life force energy) is the embodiment of the movement of Consciousness. The heart is the seat of desire and will (Iccha). The mind is the beholder of Knowledge (Jnana) and wisdom. Through the prism of the… (read more) Register at TwoHearts.net

Blessings and peace

Charly Pivert & Paige Dunlap




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