Happy Thanksgiving


Dear Friend

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please note: the Saturday Classes at Austin Soul Yoga on  November 21st and 28th and Monday classes from 6:00pm to7:30pm at Clear Spring Studio on November 23rd and 30th are cancelled.

Join me Saturday December 5th at Austin Soul Yoga from 9 to 11Am for an intermediate class or from 11:30Am to 1:00Pm for a beginner class.

“Upon the shifting dunes of the unknown,

Blowing winds of Grace and flowing tides of breath.

Rising waves of intention, spiraling swells of connection,

Pulsing through an ocean of formlessness, thumping the shore of our awareness.

The midline is our coastline, where duality yields into oneness.”

Blessings and peace

Charly Pivert & Paige Dunlap



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