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The New Yoga Series Pancha continues this Saturday March 26th at Austin Soul Yoga. Please Note this class will start at 8.30am. The beginner Class will start at 11.45am on that day.

The Austin Siddha Yoga Meditation Center will host a special Children’s program at noon on Sunday March 27th. The program is free and will include chanting with live music, meditation and end with a light snack. More information can be found at or call Paige Dunlap at (512)476-2901 .

Basic Dal, Ghee and Rice Class with Paige Dunlap

Saturday April 9th at Austin Soul Kitchen

Saturday April 16th in Georgetown

Save the date, April 17th for Earth, Wind & Fire an Anusara Yoga workshop in Wimberley.

Pancha a New Yoga Series.

Pancha is the number Five in Sanskrit. Five is a key number that groups some of the most important teachings of Anusara Yoga and Tantric philosophy. Through the correspondence of the 5 Absolute Tattva, the 5 Mahabhutas (the 5 Elements) and the 5 Panchakritya (the 5 acts), we will deepen our understanding of each of the 5 Universal Principle of Alignment. Each class will offer a blend of Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation for an enlightening and transformative practice.

Saturday March 26th, April 30th & May 28th from 8.30am to 11.30am for a New Yoga Series in Austin.

For registration: (512)476-2901

Sunday April 3rd, May 1st and June 5th from 12:30pm to 3:30pm for a New  Yoga Series in San Antonio.

For (210) 240-6141

Sunday April 10th & May 29th join from 2 to 5pm for a New Yoga Series in Georgetown.

For registration: (512) 922-5575

Anusara Yoga level 2-3 in San Antonio

Join me Sunday April 3rd for an intermediate/advanced class from 4pm to 6pm

Fee: $25

This class is for experienced Yoga students with a dedicated practice who are wanting to take their practice to the next Level. Registration: (210) 240-6141

Basic Dal, Rice and Ghee Class

Saturday April 16th in Georgetown

From :2pm-5pm


In India, the generic name for all members of the dried pea and bean family, and the dishes made from them, is dal. Dals are an easy and popular way to get a nourishing protein rich meal. They are used for both cleansing and building in Ayurveda. In this class we will prepare a dal made of mung beans which are the easiest and lightest form of bean to digest, basmati rice and ghee. The repertoire of dal dishes is so vast that you can make a different one every day, without repetition for months. Join me as I explore one version of this amazing legume. This class will be simple and very informative.   I will also serve mango chutney which we will learn about in another class.

Registration: call Beth Egbert (512) 922-5575

Earth, Wind & Fire in Wimberley

As the descent of light increases, the Earth breathes a renewed rhythm that pulsates with remembrance. In a complete Self-embrace, she unleashes the display of her awakening, Spring! Earth, Wind and Fire, Body, Breath and Shakti. Now is the time to spring forward in your practice with the power of Prana Shakti. Anusara Yoga offers unique guiding principles to assist you in the unfolding of this vital force.

Sunday April 17th 9am to noon Earth, Wind & Fire

(A well-rounded practice with a back bend focus)

Sunday April 17th 1:30pm to 4:30pm Body, Breath & Shakti (A basic sequence for health & well being)

Early bird: $80 for the all workshop if paid by 04/08/11

Drop in: $45 for each session.

Registration: call Becky Jordan (512)-663-4278


Thank you for your support.

Blessings and peace



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