The New Yoga Series Pancha continues this Saturday February 26th in Austin. Please Note this class will start at 8.30am. The beginner Class will start at 11.45am on that day.

Only 5 more days to take advantage of the Special Discount of $50 for a one hour Private Yoga session. My regular fee is $75. Whether you need some help with an injury, want to refine  your practice or are looking to start up Yoga, a private Yoga session is a great Gift to yourself or a loved one. To qualify for this discount you must purchase the private session before March 1st 2011.

The Austin Siddha Yoga  Meditation Center will host a special Children’s program at noon on Sunday February 27th. The program is free and will include chanting with live music, meditation and end with a light snack. More information can be found at or call Paige Dunlap at (512)476-2901 .

Pancha a New Yoga Series.

Pancha is the number Five in Sanskrit. Five is a key number that groups some of the most important teachings of Anusara Yoga and Tantric philosophy. Through the correspondence of the 5 Absolute Tattva, the 5 Mahabhutas (the 5 Elements) and the 5 Panchakritya (the 5 acts), we will deepen our understanding of each of the 5 Universal Principle of Alignment. Each class will offer a blend of Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation for an enlightening and transformative practice.

Saturday February 26th, March 26th, April 30th & May 28th New Yoga Series in Austin.

Sunday March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st and June 5th join New  Yoga Series in San Antonio.

Sunday March 20th, April 10th & May 29th New Yoga Series in Georgetown.

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